5 Good Habits to Start as Newlyweds

There is not a single married couple out there who had every aspect of married life figured out prior to their wedding day or who didn’t change their mind about something later. In reality, couples in healthy marriages embrace a more mature understanding of what a good relationship looks like.

4 Benefits of Marriage That Are Worthy of Celebration

The world may think that there are no benefits if you're already living together, but God's plan for marriage was put in place so you can be better cared for. God loves you and he came up with the idea for marriage because He knows that two are better than one.

What Do I Do if His Mother Doesn't Approve?

His mother not approving of you can cause immense heartache and strain on your marriage. While I’ve written this with married women in mind, these principles apply in a dating relationship, during an engagement, or really, to any strained relationship.


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