How many days of safety can you provide?

FREE Self-Defense Workshop (8/13)

How important is your personal safety? Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor Michael Nedderman will be conducting a FREE introductory Self-Defense Workshop on Saturday, August 13 (3-5PM) at Touchstone Martial Arts (5859 Rosebud Lane, Suite A-27, Sacramento), call 916-952-0707 if you need directions or have questions. See more details at Not only can self-defense training save your life (or that of a friend or relative), it can also be entertaining and your 3 or 4 times per week exercise program. Take the free workshop as a family—kids 9 and up can benefit from the training! Also, college students can come as a group! The time to prepare is before you need to defend against an assault. (If interested in further self-defense education, attendees will be eligible to enroll in Touchstone’s “2 months for the price of one” special for the regular Wing Chun Kung Fu classes or get a 30% discount/saving $440 for a 1-year lump sum payment). The techniques taught in the FREE workshop are derived from the Southern Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu—these techniques are the fastest and most effective in self-defense, and do not require an extensive foundation. To learn more about Wing Chun Kung Fu and instructor Michael Nedderman, visit ( See the “Introduction to Wing Chun” video on Touchstone’s home page and watch the amazing Donnie Yen in the movie “Ip Man.” Wing Chun Kung Fu is a unique marital art because it develops the sense of touch into an amazing close range fighting skill. It was Bruce Lee’s original martial art, but what made him so effective, and what makes this art so effective, is the fact that it may be the only martial art ever originated by a woman. Because WING CHUN was originated by a woman, it takes a much different approach to hand-to-hand combat. She intended this fascinating martial art to enable her to defeat her most likely opponents: men in the prime of life (bigger, stronger, younger, quicker) who were also trained martial artists. WING CHUN is an organized means of teaching almost anyone to be an effective street fighter, especially the most likely victims of crime (women, children, and the elderly, because it does not rely upon athletic ability, strength, or quick reflexes. Its theory of simplicity & economy of motion makes it scientific in nature, unparalleled in close-quarter combat. Especially against multiple attackers, WING CHUN is the “equalizer”—the “sawed-off shotgun” of martial arts.


Touchstone Martial Arts
5859 Rosebud Lane, Suite A-27
Sacramento, CA 95841
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