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The Focus Forward Women's Weekend (11/4-5)

The Focused Forward Women's Weekend, on Friday, 11/4 (7-9PM) and Saturday, 11/5 (9AM-4PM), at Real Life Church (1921 Arena Blvd, Suite 100, Sacramento), is packed with strategies, stories, and lessons that will help you holistically advance your life in the direction that aligns with God's good plans for you. Far too many women are in leading roles, "balancing" an array of responsibilities, but sense deeply that they have lost a sense of direction and feel as if they are in over their heads. Women are overcommitted, emotionally overwhelmed, psychologically stressed and even spiritually undeveloped to handle the "happenings" of life. Ladies, we see you! You are exactly why we created The Focus Forward Women's Weekend! We believe in educating, empowering and elevating our Christian women's community to live optimally and biblically well. We believe in teaching women how to ascend to higher levels of thinking (asking questions, examining matters, seeing the big picture, etc.) so that they can begin to choose the more optimal, and less destructive routes of life. We do this by combining biblical teachings, cognitive science, and psychological principles, while implementing our Focus Forward Framework. Our framework consists of 5 powerful conversations that you don't want to miss: Clarity, Structure, Alignment, Direction & Management. It's a framework designed to help you shift every area of their life from "problem" to "solution," from "stuck" to "forward." Join Dr. Caroline Leaf, Sheila Walsh and some amazing forward-thinking speakers for a powerful weekend! For worship we have Melinda Watts and Missy Cruz.  For more info, visit


1921 Arena Blvd Ste 100
Sacramento, CA 95834
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