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Bless the Patriarchy

The idea that patriarchy is inherently bad and must be leveled is a lie from the enemy, intended to destabilize society, deconstruct the family and diminish men.

The HSL Guide to Halloween II

You, Believer, can equip others with hope and courage in the form of answers, truth, and scripts that can encourage today and empower tomorrow, whatever battle tomorrow brings. 

The HSL Guide to Halloween: No Fear Here

What to do with Halloween? Does your house go big or go dark? I’m not a fan of Halloween but something scares me even more. Missed opportunities while my kids are still at home.

Christ, Cactus, and College Football

The rest of the world may be unconcerned but there is a prickly situation in Texas, between TCU and Texas Tech. Christ, Cactus, and College Football. Trust me.

Your Majesty

Respect the reverence, the pomp, and pageantry. Then remember–your King, though once buried, lives again.

Little Demon. Big Problem.

You can read exhaustive thoughts on Disney’s show Little Demon, but not here. This will just take a minute anyhow.

The Danger of Social Justice

Same dust, same ashes. Same shed blood covers us, same blood spills out of us. And those are the only colors that should concern us. We start in darkness, we have been offered ruby red redemption and we will end, in either eternal darkness or light. We should at least consider how the enemy has

There’s a Reason Everyone Loved Top Gun 2

There’s a reason everyone loves Top Gun Maverick… aside from the nostalgia for us “seasoned” folks, aside from the G’s, Mach 10, and dogfight (hellooo football) scene… it will make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for this reason: It was JUST entertainment. It didn’t make you feel like garbage about your country, your

The Guide, The Blind, and You.

I just can’t take my eyes off of this. It’s the best illustration I’ve ever seen— of discipleship. Paralympian David Brown and Jerome Avery. Google them. Watch all the videos. Read all the articles.   That’s what this thing we are doing is. A guided run. Two people willingly bound together, a blind and a

Take It On the Road

Originally published: Nov 2020 I know everyone wants to talk about the gas, politics, etc. But I just don’t. I don’t have the energy for it. There are, however, several conversations I have been wanting to have over the last few days, but they didn’t seem appropriate or I didn’t want them to get lost

His Character Trumps Your Coping

Goood Morrrrrning!!! Serving up consistent theology for breakfast. I know, right?! Delish. It almost takes the sadness of intermittent fasting and having to drink black coffee like a trucker away. Almost.  Let’s look at good theology. You’re saved right?  You’ve placed your faith in Jesus, turned from sin and are walking in obedience, right?  Eternity

Know Your Stuff.

***This is a perspective post, not a political post. This is Kayleigh McEnany’s binder for daily briefings. And, really that should be understood to be this is the culled down, portable version that represents countless volumes of information and hours of preparation… for every single day.   So… being prepared to give an answer for

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