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Dr. Chris Alford

Dr. Chris Alford

Ancient-Future Faith is the radio ministry of Epiclesis, with a special message from Dr. Chris Alford.  Ancient-Future is not a style of worship, it's a theology and a way of life-- a life modeled, in many ways, after our brothers and sisters in the early church.

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A long-time worship pastor and now lead pastor of the first-ever evangelical church start in the nation intentionally built on Ancient-Future principles, Chris Alford is also the Founder and Board Chair of the Ancient-Future Faith Network. A ministry veteran of nearly 30 years,  Chris first began his life of ministry as a worship pastor following several years as a musicologist in the symphony orchestra world.

Chris left his home and Baptist roots in Tennessee when he was called to be Worship Pastor of a large, evangelical Presbyterian church in the Sacramento area. He now serves as lead pastor at Epiclesis, what he calls a “pre-denominational” community of believers. Chris studied at the University of Tennessee, the Victoria University of Manchester, England, Northwestern University, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He is a tireless advocate of all things Ancient-Future and is a frequent speaker and workshop leader.

Said Chris, “It is the joy of my life– and a great honor– to be the pastor of this remarkable, unique, and amazing community of believers at Epiclesis.”

Chris and wife Sheila have two children, Noah and Anna, and a wonderfully useless but beloved bichon frisé named Pepi. Chris is a husband, a father, a pastor, a musician, and a hoot.



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