$30 a Month Can Save the Life of a Starving Child

Pastor Tim Lane

Pastor Tim Lane

Voices from the Street, with Pastor Tim Lane, is the radio ministry of Union Gospel Mission in Sacramento, with unpolished stories of local homeless, and the hurt, hope and transformation they have experienced.

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Pastor Tim Lane came to the Union Gospel Mission as its Executive Director in 2005 with a wealth of experience from different fields of endeavor.  In 1994, Tim discovered UGM and became a regular volunteer, where he had the opportunity to preach and work with the homeless for the first time.  Tim is an ordained minister of the Gospel, and along with his many responsibilities as the director of UGM, he still pastors Rioso Road Baptist Church in Sheridan since 2001.  Pastor Tim's love for the homeless and passion for the Gospel have combined to make him one of the most popular teachers at the mission.



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