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Please join me in prayer for the salvation of my friend's wife Tammy. Pray God would grant her repentance and that she would humbly accept His merciful gift. Pray she would be freed and protected from any schemes or strongholds that are keeping her from knowing Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Please pray for good, clean, wholesome Christian entertainment, books and media that glorify God. Pray for the revival of Christian culture in America in Jesus name. Pray God bless the craftspeople, the storytellers, the artists and the creatives of all kind of His people with His inspiration and all that they need to produce quality works that impact our culture, edify, strengthen and refresh the body of Christ, and point the lost toward the Truth and the goodness and character of God in Jesus name. Pray God pour out his Holy Spirit, grace, love, mercy, blessing and favor on His people and for Great ZEAL. Pray God’s kingdom come and will be done on earth as in heaven in these things and against the LIE that God is boring in Jesus name. Please also pray for God's blessing and protection over marriage(s) and his design for family in Jesus name.

Hello I had a rough day today. I had a spasm three days ago. My back still hurts and when I move, it hurts getting better but I still need prayer for healing and for me to be healed from trauma and from anger. Thank you God bless.

I’m a single mom who is looking for a better paying job. Please pray that the Lord will open doors for better opportunities so that I can support my family. Thank you. God bless. Alina

I need a bible type of miracle, my baby has been diagnosed inutero with a progresive non-curable congenital heart condition, 2 specialists have seen it at this point, so it doesn’t seem to be a misdiagnosis, this condition comes with a lot of complications, decreased lifespan, low quality of live, & can be letal from the start or slowly get there, i’ve found myself asking why would God give this 1 in 200000 diagnosis to my baby?, maintaining my faith is not easy, & there are times when i feel like my prayers go unheard, i find myself with anxiety-depression, my husband is currently halfway across the country for work, we cant afford to lose the money in this difficult times, im facing this alone, my parents try hard to keep me company, but it isn’t always possible. Today i am asking for help, i need God to heal my baby’s heart, so that it’s anatomically & physiologically normal, and the condition fully goes away, if anyone can make it happen it’sGod, please pray for my miracle. Thanks

Please pray for me and my health as I am 38 and please pray I can find a better job thank you amen

Father God, please be with your child, my husband, as he deals with the many doctors you have provided to mend his totally messed up body. No one in the world has lived with the many difficulties he faces. His life has been full of many miracles and I thank you for the 56+ years that we have shared. Please ease his fears and give him peace of mind. Thank you for your son, Jesus. I ask for your continued guidance as I go through the coming days and weeks. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

I REALLY need prayer!!! I'm going through a horrific divorce, due to abuse (in EVERY form!). Since I've left, I'm technically homeless, although I've been living with my parents. However, their verbal abuse has reached a new level. I've been trying to find work for 2 years without any progress. I have several health concerns, as well as have been out of the work force for at Least 15 years, as I was raising a family. I'm going to have to look into temporary housing for the homeless. I'm fighting for custody of my daughter, who has also been abused by my ex. I am really struggling. Thank you for praying.

Hi I need prayer I’m struggling with an addiction I can’t seem to overcome Please please pray for me . Thank you ! Thank you for your prayers and ministry and for loving JESUS CHRIST ! Blessings ❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️

Please pray for the good poor woman L., who feeds a colony of 30 homeless cats, to get voluntary helpers and food donations. Pray that people will respond and donate. Pray for animal charities and other good people to be involved. Thank you

please pray god performs a major miracle of hope, mercy, blessing and healing in my life and saves me in this world and the next by whatever means necessary, please pray he guides me, comforts and gives me mighty hope, faith, answers and solutions and heals me and gives me another chance



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