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Reclaiming Your Legacy

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Reclaiming Your Legacy

Reclaiming Your Legacy, hosted by Dennis Petersen, author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, is a radio ministry of the Creation Resource Foundation.  This program's mission is to help conscientious learners to share insights with those they want to positively influence.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a speaking presentation by Dennis at your church, school, or event, please call 530-626-4447.

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About Dennis Petersen

Dennis Petersen is the founder and president of the Creation Resource Foundation in El Dorado, California, and author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation seminar, book and video curriculum.

Through seminars, publications, and media presentations, his desire is to realign this generation's thinking to the life-giving Word of God.  Dennis personally produces and oversees the production of many phases of ministry activities and distribution. His diverse background in the formal study of science, history, museums, administration and the Bible is enhanced by many related activities.

The Creation Resource Foundation, begun in 1983 by former museum curator and pastor, Dennis Petersen, is the providential result of a vision Dennis shares to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to our information-flooded, media-confused generation.  CRF is devoted to the production of Biblically-based training materials and programs that relate personally and pragmatically to students everywhere, regardless of their religious or educational background.

His book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, is a "mini-encyclopedia" of the Creator's insight shows in lavish detail the remarkable evidences for special creation, with the Bible serving as a guide to interpreting the information. This book presents real history in a durable hard-cover format of hundreds of color photos and illustrations that will astonish everyone who reads it. Topics include ancient civilizations, UFOs, dinosaurs, the age of the earth, and much much more.

Dennis' educational and professional background is extensive:

B.S., 1968, California State College (Sacramento) in Environmental Resources.

M.A., 1970, State University of New York (Oneonta/Cooperstown) in History Museum Admin.

Curator, 3 years, for San Jose (Calif.) Historical Museum.

Contract Exhibits Preparator for various California Museums including Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento

Completion of 3 years Bible College Ministry course in Eston, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Instructor of Apologetics and Old Testament, and Bible and Science (Eston, Sk.) for 4 years.

Author of Bible College course on the Bible and Science in 1976.

Pastor of a small town evangelical church (Leader, Sk., Canada) for 3 years.

Associate Pastor/C.E. Director of a growing mid-size church (Placerville, CA) for 2 years.

Seminar leader to churches and schools in Canada and USA since 1976.

Ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1979.

Past Board Member and guest lecturer of Bible Science Association (Minneapolis, MN).

Guest lecturer for ACSI, CHEA, HSLDA and numerous home school conventions.

Host, leader and organizer for Creation Family Adventure field trips in Canada and USA.

Guest Lecturer for Christian Equippers Int’l in USA and Philippines.

Co-Founder of Foundation Advancing Creation Truth for coordinating scientific field research.


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