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12:01AM - 12:02AM

SRN News

Written, produced and anchored by respected news pros, SRN News is family-focused and credible — specifically created for Christian-formatted radio stations.
3:30AM - 4:00AM

Cal HOPE Experts

Cal Hope features experts from the California Dept. of Health Care Services on available services and resources, including crisis counseling, support services and recovery help from disasters. Are you frustrated, stressed, us now.
4:00AM - 4:30AM

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

When you pray, it is usually in times of urgent need? Or is it a part of your everyday life, like breathing and sleeping? Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at prayer and how it can bring you through seasons of trial. 
4:30AM - 5:00AM

Reclaiming Your Legacy with Dennis Petersen

Reclaiming Your Legacy, hosted by Dennis Petersen, author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, is a radio ministry of the Creation Resource Foundation.
5:00AM - 5:30AM

Pastor to Pastor with Dr. John Jackson

Pastor to Pastor is a half-hour interview program where each week a different pastor answers questions about what God is doing in his church.


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